Topics and Guests for May 27

On April 1, we asked Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital, and Wendell Perkins, chief investment officer of the Johnson Family Funds, for stock picks “guaranteed” to make money by Memorial Day. As the deadline fast approaches, Greg and Wendell return to face the music.

As John Kerry (search) debated whether to delay accepting the Democratic nomination, did he energize or alienated the electorate? We’ll get insight from Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist and Fox News political analyst, and Ellis Henican, columnist for Newsday and Fox New political analyst.

It seems that Atkins (search) is in a stew after a man who tried the diet sues the company because of the diet. Fat suit, or fat chance? We’ll get the details from Dr. Neal Barnard, president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine; Dan Kinburn, attorney for Jody Gorran – the man behind the lawsuit, and Dr. Stuart Trager, chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council.

Is your pain at the pump easing? OPEC (search) considers increasing production and oil prices fall. Is the worst over for these record highs? Stephen Leeb, president of Leeb Capital Management and author of "The Oil Factor," and John Kilduff, senior vice president at Fimat USA, join the debate.

How are businesses in the heart of New York handling the latest terror threats? We’ll get insight from Thomas Miles, general manager of Times Square Brewery Restaurant.

Are Olympic athletes concerned about coming home with a medal, or just coming home? We’ll ask Erik Vendt, 2004 Olympic swimmer and 2000 Olympic silver medalist at the Sydney games.

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