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Is the 2004 presidential campaign becoming "campaign combat?" Is President Bush vulnerable to an attack by Senator Kerry? Radio talk show host Ann Coulter author of the bestselling book, "Treason" enters the No Spin Zone.

Plus, will entertainment icon Michael Jackson (search) wind up in jail over child sexual abuse charges? What's his family doing to help him? We'll ask the Jackson family's lawyer, Deborah Opri.

Also, the elite media and the Abu Ghraib (search) prison abuse scandal. How have the "New York Times (search)", the "Los Angeles Times (search)" and the big three networks covered the story?

Then, attorneys for basketball star Kobe Bryant (search) are expected to tell a Colorado court today that they have DNA evidence that proves the woman accusing their client of rape had sex with someone else in the hours following the alleged incident, Fox News has learned. We'll have the latest.

Finally, don't miss a brand new edition of our world famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

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