The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"The Day After Tomorrow," "Raising Helen" and "Soul Plane" hit theaters this holiday weekend in today's Foxlight.

Hey, this wasn't on the weather channel. Politics aside,"The Day After Tomorrow" is washing into theaters and it's a disaster alright, if you listen to critics. They say there's no story. But that may be fine for audiences who just love seeing Mother Nature's dark side.

Al Gore calls the flick a documentary and he did invent the Internet. The stars say it's just a popcorn movie. says a warm $63 million bucks despite barometric pressure from "Shrek 2."

Next, The New York Times says Kate Hudson should wipe that smile off her face as long as she's starring in "Raising Helen." Kate inherits three kids and suddenly becomes Auntie Mom. Hilarity, for the most part, does not ensue, according to most critics, even with great support from Joan Cusack and that guy Sarah Jessica Parker dumped on "Sex and the City." Guru says maybe $16 million from Hudson fans.

Finally, "Soul Plane" doesn't take off, according to USA Today, but with Snoop Dogg at the controls, it's gotta be an entertaining flight, right? Well, not according to The New York Post, which says "Pack your parachute." They call it skanky but largely laugh free. Flopizzle, Snoop? Probably not.