Topics and Guests: May 26

Tonight... get on the record... with Greta!

The USS Iwo Jima (search) is a technological marvel and symbol of our Navy’s valor and strength. Get on the record with Greta for on an exclusive tour of one of America’s mightiest military vessels this evening. 

Plus, the latest on the search for an Oregon college student who police fear may have been kidnapped.

We'll talk with Brooke Wilberger's mother and father and Capt. Robert Deutsch who is leading the search for the missing young woman.

Also, credible intelligence from multiple sources indicates that Usama bin Laden's Al Qaeda terror network plans to attempt an attack on the United States "within the next few months," Attorney General John Ashcroft (search) said today.

We'll get analysis from FNC Foreign Policy Analyst and former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg (search), FNC Foreign Policy Analyst Mansoor Ijaz and FNC Contributor and Washington Times National Security Correspondent Bill Gertz.

And later, we'll tell you about how things are heating up in the Scott Peterson (search) double murder trial as Scott's former mother-in-law launches a new legal war against him. Our legal panel will weigh in on what these means as the case moves closer to the June trial date.

These stories and much, much more...

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