Topics and Guests: May 25

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Mark Geragos (search), Scott Peterson's defense attorney, claims prosecutors withheld important information that could clear his client until just last week.

In a motion filed on Monday alleging misconduct, Peterson's defense attorney seeks sanctions against the prosecution in Peterson's double-murder trial which is slated to begin on June 1.

Could this new information potentially clear Scott's name and spring him from jail? We'll ask our panel of legal eagles to weigh in.

Also, we'll talk with Brandon Mayfield the Portland, Oregon attorney who was falsely accused by the FBI of being connected to the Madrid terror attacks.

Plus, a very dangerous driver is busted and it's all caught on tape! We'll show you the video of a dramatic car chase and ask the reporter and cameraman who covered it to share their unbelievable story. 

These stories and much, much more...

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