Topics and Guests for May 21

Think you're getting a tax cut? Think again! Budget battles could put the ax to your tax relief. Treasury Secretary John Snow (search) speaks out on how fiscal fighting could cost you big time.

A witness in the Martha Stewart (search) case is charged with perjury. Will it help or hurt her case? We find out.

The legendary economist Milton Friedman, one of the most influential economic minds of all time, goes one on one with David Asman.

Fox stox: Martha Stewart, Lockheed Martin, Anheuser-Busch, Estee Lauder, Disney

It's the happiest place on earth. But not for Richard Moore, North Carolina's state treasurer. He wants Michael Eisner (search), chief executive officer of Walt Disney Co., replaced.

Suicide bombers in your neighborhood? It can happen, says Bernard Kerik, former New York City police commissioner. He gives us some terror-free tips.

Is the media focusing on the prison abuse scandal more than terrorism? Yes, according to Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center.

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