Topics and Guests for May 24

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Monday, May 24:

President Bush lays out his plans for democracy in Iraq
Suzy Defrancis, White House deputy communications director
• Former Sen. Robert Torricelli

The U.S. and Britain try to drum up support for a new U.N. resolution endorsing the handover of power in Iraq
• Ambassador James Dobbins, former envoy to Afghanistan

Michael Moore's new movie, critical of the Bush administration, takes top prize at Cannes
Martin Grover from

Kids today may be trading sex acts like their parents traded baseball cards
• Megan Stecher, wore "sex bracelets" to school
Michelle Stecher, Megan's mother

When can we expect to see Saddam Hussein and others tried for war crimes?
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

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