Topics and Guests: May 17

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Chemical weapons have been found in Iraq. A roadside bomb containing sarin nerve agent recently exploded near a U.S. military convoy, the U.S. military said today. And officials in the Bush administration tell Fox News that  mustard gas (search) was also recently discovered in Iraq.

We'll have the latest on the discovery including a live report from Baghdad.

Plus, former U.N. weapons inspector Tim Trevan has worked in Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction. We'll get his reaction to today's announcement.

Also, we'll talk with Matthew McAllester author of the new book "Blinded by Sunlight" who describes his harrowing ordeal in a prison controlled by Saddam Hussein. 

And later, gay marriage became legal in Massachusetts today. We'll have a report from the Bay State.

Finally, Fox News Political Analyst and U.S. News & World Report Senior Writer Michael Barone joins us to discuss his latest book, "Hard America, Soft America: Competition vs. Coddling and the Battle for the Nation's Future."


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