The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Troy" and "Breakin' All the Rules" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

Does Brad Pitt look good enough in a skirt to make moviegoers visit ancient Greece this weekend? Well, he looks pretty good, according to critics -- then he opens his mouth, according to one, and the only thing missing is the word "dude." 

"Troy" (search) is the first real epic of the summer and it's got a lot riding in that big wooden horse. "Incredible Hulk" star Eric Bana steals every scene he's in from Pitt. And Orlando Bloom is off -- he plays a wimp way too convincingly.  Attend this toga party? Sure, it's made for the big screen, where says it'll make $45 million.

That'll mean second place for last week's big summer kickoff -- Hugh the vampire slayer's "Van Helsing." (search) It should take in about half what it drove a stake into last weekend -- about $25 million.

Somewhere down the top five list will be another newcomer. Jamie Foxx's "Breakin' All the Rules." (search) The alleged comedy about how to break up with a woman is "tame and lame," according to the Orlando Sentinel, which says it wastes a great cast and funny setting. Jamie, you continue to be one of the great underrated comics-turned-actors around -- I hope your movie with Tom Cruise -- "Collateral," coming later this summer -- is a big hit and makes you an even bigger star.