Topics and Guests: May 11

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The world is reacting to a heinous act of revenge in Iraq. An Islamic Web site is airing videotape of an innocent American being beheaded purportedly by a top Al Qaeda operative.

We'll have the latest including a live report from our own FNC correspondent David Lee Miller and FNC Contributor and former U.S. Ambassador to Morocco Marc Ginsberg.

Also, the head of Iraq's war-crimes tribunal said today that the United States has pledged to hand over the country's former leader, Saddam Hussein (search) and about 100 other former regime prisoners to Iraqi authorities by June 30. The Pentagon disputes the claim.

A Pentagon spokesman said a date had not been set for handing Saddam back to Iraqi officials. Nor had it been determined when and where Saddam would be tried, the spokesman said on condition of anonymity. -- The United States plans to return sovereignty to a new Iraqi government by that date.

We'll the latest on this story as well.

Plus, an update on the search for a missing hairdresser. We'll have the latest on this mysterious case.

These stories and much, much more...

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