Topics and Guests: May 6

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A Florida Circuit Court judge ruled today that the law supported by the state's governor to keep  severely brain damaged Terri Schiavo (search) alive is unconstitutional. Governor Jeb Bush's office has filed an immediate appeal.

We'll get reaction to the judge's ruling from both sides when Governor Bush's attorney Ken Connor (search) and Michael Schiavo's attorney George Felos (search) join us.

A U.S. citizen has been taken hostage in Iraq. An Arab television network aired a videotape today of an American engineer apparently being held hostage in the occupied country.

The Al Arabiya (search) network reported the hostage worked for the Pentagon as a civilian employee. The network said the tape came from a group dubbed The Islamic Rage Squadrons (search).

The man being held hostage is believed to be Iraqi-American Aban Elias (search). A man claiming to be his brother, Kazwan Elias, spoke to reporters on Thursday outside his Denver home accompanied by his weeping mother.

"We were devastated. We're shocked," said Kazwan Elias, reacting to the videotape of his brother. His distraught, sobbing mother also made a few comments in Arabic.

We'll have analysis of the latest developments in this story and we'll ask our Fox News Military Analysts, former U.S. Army Maj. General Don Edwards and former U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Bob Scales to share their expertise about the present situation in Iraq.

Plus, we'll talk with former four time presidential adviser David Gergen about reports today that Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search) has been privately chastised by President Bush over Iraq's Abu Ghraib (search) prison abuse situation. Is Mr. Rumsfeld in danger of losing his job? What should the president do next?

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