Topics and Guests for April 29

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney meet Thursday behind closed doors with the panel investigating what went wrong with U.S. intelligence before the Sept. 11, 2001 (search), terror attacks.

But should their conversation be under oath and in public? We’ll ask April Gallop, who was injured during the attacks of Sept. 11.

We'll get a read on the markets from Gregg Hymowitz, founder of Entrust Capital; Mike Norman, founder of The Economic Contrarian, Scott Bleier, president of

We’ll talk earnings and expectations with Mike Jackson, chairman and CEO of Autonation.

Why do women in the workplace typically earn less than men? Could it be that they're less gutsy when it comes to negotiating their salary? We’ll get insight Barbara Stanny, author of “Secrets of Six-Figure Women.”

Plus, from being a playmate to making play-dates, actress Jenny McCarthy (search) shares her take on motherhood in tonight’s edition of "Your World with Cavuto."

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