Piano Man Makes Little Old Lady Swoon

Billy Joel (search) ran over her shrubs and flower bed when his car skidded into her Long Island house in the rain, but the Piano Man did the right thing - he plied 93-year-old Maria Dono with flowers, lawyers and insurance adjusters.

"I have a beautiful bouquet here and a beautiful vase," Dono told The New York Post at her Bayville home, where Joel ran over her lawn and cracked her home's foundation on Sunday.

Along with the flowers was a note from Joel:

"My sincerest apologies. I will make sure that any damages I have incurred will be repaired, and again, my sincerest regrets. All the best, Billy Joel."

"I think he intends to come around and see if I need to have anything done," said Dono, beaming.

She put the spray of flowers on a table where it could be seen from outside.

Her son, Joe Dono of Pennsylvania, got a call from the Piano Man.

"He's a great guy," said Joe Dono. "He expressed his regret for what happened. It was just an accident and he skidded. He's really a standup guy."

A spokeswoman for Joel said lawyers and insurance adjusters have been dispatched to make everything right as quickly as possible.

The accident occurred as Joel drove along Bayville Avenue to get a pizza.

Joel's vintage 1967 Citroen suffered front-end damage in the crash, but he suffered only a cut on his finger. Police determined alcohol was not involved.