National Guard Leader Embarrassed by Dem Spoof

It opens with a flag-burning ceremony and moves on to the John Kerry (search) "fake medal toss" and the "Free Saddam" pep rally. There are no fewer than four toasts by Sen. Ted Kennedy.

Welcome to the faux schedule for the Democratic National Convention (search), an Internet-driven joke spread in part by the leader of the Massachusetts National Guard. Some Democrats aren't laughing at the satirical send-up.

A state worker sent an e-mail containing the spoof to National Guard Adjutant Gen. George W. Keefe (search). Using his state e-mail account, Keefe sent the joke to 17 others, including more state workers. Keefe said Friday he regretted passing along the e-mail, and a spokeswoman for Gov. Mitt Romney said Keefe will not be reprimanded.

The e-mail lists a fake agenda for the Democratic National Convention in July in Boston. Kerry, a Massachusetts senator, is expected to accept the party's nomination for president. Kennedy, his Senate colleague, is likely to be one of its major speakers.

The schedule includes an "anti-war concert by Barbara Streisand" (misspelling her first name), "posting the Iraqi Colors by Sean Penn and Tim Robbins" (the Oscar-winning actors and anti-war activists), tributes to France and Germany, and ceremonies for gay marriages featuring "threesomes, mixed, same sex, farm animals."

Massachusetts Democrats condemned Keefe, saying the e-mail calls into question whether he should continue to head the National Guard, which could have a role in convention security. State Democratic Chairman Phil Johnston called for Keefe to resign.

"Certainly there are more important issues that General Keefe should be concentrating on, other than using government computers to send silly and derogatory e-mails to state employees," party spokeswoman Jane Lane said.

In a statement issued Friday, Keefe said: "While I did not compose this e-mail, I did receive and subsequently forward it to several acquaintances. On reflection, I regret that action."