Donald Trump Is At It Again

Donald Trump (search), that human publicity machine, is at it again... and no — this time he didn't fire anybody.

This time, he announced that yet another beautiful young model is interested in him.

This is shocking news... has anybody ever seen The Donald with a beautiful woman before? His new flame's name is Melania Knaus (search). She's Slovenian, and I'm sure all the Slovenes are thrillled.

Here's the good part: she has agreed to marry Mr. Trump. She got a big ring, and a nice pre-nup.

What I loved about this tender story of love and devotion is the way the happy couple posed for the cameras. Think they've ever done this before?

He's always got that beady-eyed stare as if he's negotiating some deal with the crowd of cameramen and women, and his new hottie has the same sucked-in cheeks, hard-eyed stare.

Now there is a couple for the ages... just like Henry the VIII and each one of his many wives.

Congrats to both... we can hardly wait for the wedding day.

That's My Word.

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