Topics and Guests for April 28

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Wednesday, April 28:

After meeting with Gen. John Abizaid, the Pentagon's top commander in the Middle East, President Bush says he's confident that Marines will suppress the open rebellion. What will it take for that to happen?
Scott Peterson, a reporter for The Christian Science Monitor

Whatever you want to call the guys shooting at our troops in Iraq, they seem to be getting more organized. For one thing, they're more willing to stand and fight rather than hit and run. So who are we dealing with over there?
Michael Rubin, former coalition adviser 

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney get ready to meet with the Sept. 11 Commission
Richard Shenkman, presidential historian

Two enemy combatants are fighting the U.S. government's decision to hold them indefinitely
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Why are some Democrats worrying over whether John Kerry really is electable?
David Corn, Washington editor of The Nation

Are we getting the real story about Iraq?
• Army Sgt. Angel Rivera, served one year in Iraq

Shock jock Howard Stern is devoting hours of airtime to a vendetta against the president
Michael Harrison of Talkers magazine

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