Out With the Old...

Monday night during our show, when we discussed Mark Geragos getting "the boot" from the Michael Jackson case, Geoffrey Feiger bragged that he told us this would happen. He also insisted that I owed him on a bet. As a joke, since Ted Williams was not on the air last night (he was at his beach house -- tough life!), Bernie Grimm and I said it was Ted who had betted him and that it was his house, his car and lots of money.

Well, after the segment was over, but during the show, I received this e-mail from my assistant: “Ted just called and said he's suing :-)”

My response to Ted, if he reads this blog: Glad you are watching and I hope you have a Nielsen box so that your viewing “counts.”

Yesterday, I received my second photo credit (you don't want to know about the first!) With my video camera and my "point and shoot," I went down to the mall in Washington, D.C to shoot pictures for the blog of the women's march.

Upon seeing Governor Dean there (in the front row of the march,) I took a picture of him -- photo No. 1. I then e-mailed it to my brother who works for a Vermont paper, the Times Argus. The paper printed the picture and gave me a photo credit. I was told later that I e-mailed it "wrong" and thus the picture had to be very small in the paper.

Photos No. 2 and 3 are two more pictures that I took of the march. Look closely and you will recognize some of the marchers.

Incidentally, last night after the show I looked at the video I shot of the march. I was thinking of starting a new feature on this blog of video streaming of things I see in Washington. This was going to be my first time -- a blog experiment. I think I better read the instruction book on my camera. When I showed my husband the video I shot, I said, "What is that?" He said, "your pocket." Some of the video was of the inside of my pocket and I doubt you will find it particularly interesting.


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