Fast Facts: 2004 Athens Olympics

The following are some fast facts about the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens:

• Opening date: August 19, 2004

• Closing date: August 29,  2004

• Host: Athens, Greece

• Candidate Cities that Lost to Athens: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Cape Town, S. Africa; Rome, Italy; Stockholm, Sweden

• Mascots: Phevos and Athena

• Athletes: More than 10,500 athletes and 3,000 team officials from 199 countries

• Athletics: 28 sports will be represented in 38 venues.

• Medals: 301 medal ceremonies will take place over 16 days

• Olympic Village: Able to provide accommodation and services to 16.000 athletes and team officials.

• Security: 45,000 security personnel will work at the Olympics, plus an additional 60,000 trained volunteers

• Music: George Michael was asked to compose the theme song of the 2004 Summer Games.

• Olympic Torch: Designed to resemble an olive leaf, it weighs 1.5 pounds and is 27 inches long.