Kerry Controversy: Medal Matters or Ancient History?

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (search) is coming under renewed fire over conflicting statements he's made about surrendering his Vietnam War medals.

Kerry said Monday that he surrendered his Vietnam ribbons but not his medals during a 1971 anti-war rally when protesters tossed their war medals over a fence at the U.S. Capitol.

Kerry's campaign Web site calls Republican accusations that he surrendered his medals a "right-wing fiction." Instead, the site says, "John Kerry threw away his ribbons and the medals of two veterans who could not attend the event."

Kerry controversy: Medal matters or ancient history?

A sample of your responses:

When you trow away your ribbons from your uniform you are throwing ways you medals because they are the same thing. Your ribons are worn on your dress uniform because of the bulk of metals.
Colin S.
Perry, FL

This is so simple - Kerry wants it both ways, he wants to be known as a war hero when it is convenient and a political activist when it serves his purpose to further his political agenda. He wants to throw away medals (or ribbons or whatever) to symbolically dis the military (government), yet make his living from that government. You don't see him giving back his retirement pension from the Senate - that would be sincere!
Delray Beach, FL

After 34 years in the Marine Corps I have a chest full of medals which I would like to ram down Mr. Bush's throat. It is clear that nobody on Fox has ever spent a night in the barracks or heard a shot fired in anger so stop worrying about what Kerry does with his medals an ribbons, they are his and he can do with them as he will.
Dan K.
Vista, CA

What matters is that Kerry at least had the courage to serve in ACTIVE duty. GWB knowingly DIDN'T.
L. Saare

Get off of Senator Kerry's comments from the 1970's.  Anyone who is remembers that time, knows there were terrible conflicts in the feelings about the Vietnam War even by the returning veterans.  We are not talking about a John Wayne movie - we are talking about a WAR!  Respect his service to his country, and ask other veterans  how they felt at that time.  I think you will find most of them are proud of their service to their country, while at the same time being haunted by what they saw and experienced.
Sharon B.
Rockwood, TN

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