Guests and Topics: April 23

Tonight..."The O'Reilly Factor" is on!

It’s the case of a violent killer whose insanity plea allowed him to kill again! How did this happen? Bill exposes the lunacy of our justice system!

Then, the controversial judge who was involved in the decision to let Carlie Brucia's killer avoid going to prison has thrown in the towel and quit. Could "The Factor" have played a role in the judge's decision to step down? We'll have the latest.

Plus, more criticism for Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld (search). We'll ask FNC Contributor and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to give us his analysis of the situation.

And later, will we a slew of anti-Bush books and even movies right before the election? We'll tell you what the left-wing media is up to this time!

These stories and more, including a brand new edition of our world famous "Talking Points Memo" and "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

See you in the No Spin Zone, tonight at 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. ET!

--All topics and guests subject to change.

--The Associated Press contributed to this story.