Guests and Topics: April 23

Behind every significant change in American history — There lies a great debate. Freedom of speech entitles all Americans to stand up for what they believe in. There are two sides to every coin, and a true debate will bring forth the important facts. So stay with the # 1 nightly debate program on cable news because — We Debate. You Decide.

Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Former NFL star Pat Tillman (search) killed in Afghanistan while representing the grandest team of them all — Arizona Cardinals Former Head Coach Dave McGinnis joins us to pay tribute to a hero.

• Muqtada al-Sadr threatens to launch homicide attacks if U.S. troops move in on him and his forces in the holy city of Najaf (search). Will U.S. forces resume their mission to capture or kill the Shiite Muslim cleric?

For answers and the latest news we'll get a LIVE report from FNC's own Oliver North in Iraq.

• Should one Sept. 11 commissioner be providing answers instead of questions? Find out why some senators say yes. Sen. Kit Bond, R-Mo, weighs in.

• Presumptive Democratic Presidential Candidate John Kerry (searchdrives a hard campaign for higher automobile fuel economy standards — But what else does he drive? The answer fuels a fiery debate and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore. jumps in.

• You don’t want to miss this — Gold-record recording artist Pat Boone joins us for a special treat.

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