The Foxlight: New Reality Shows

Cameron Diaz, Ewan McGregor, Richard Branson and Anna Kournikova have reality shows in the works in today's Foxlight.

MTV is going ahead "full throttle" with a reality show starring "Charlie's Angels" (searchstar Cameron Diaz. The untitled project does have an irresistible pitch -- a travel program starring Cammy and her "zany globetrotting pals." If she globetrots over to Lucy Liu or Drew Barrymore's houses a lot, sign me up.

Maybe she'll bump into the production crew of another travel show. It stars the
"Star Wars" saber-slinging
Ewan McGregor (search). He and a buddy hit the road on motorcycles from London. Destination? London -- the long way. That's right, Obi-Wan Kenobi is riding around the world and filming it, and it's called "Long Way Round." It hits Bravo this fall or early next year. Question: Won't some oceans get in his way?

Wanna be a young billionaire? Sign up for "Branson's Big Adventure." Brit wit and occasional nitwit -- wanna ride in my balloon at 38,000 feet? --  Richard Branson (search) has convinced Fox he can trump the Donald with an "Apprentice"-style show that shapes New-Age moguls.

Anna Kournikova (search) has an untitled project in serious talks. I hope it's better than her try-out as a sportscaster a while back. How long can we watch a sexy blonde run around in a short and slinky tennis skirt?