Bush Seeks Russian, Jordanian Cooperation at U.N.

President Bush spoke Monday with Russian President Vladimir Putin (search) on the administration's drive for a U.N. resolution to authorize more peacekeeping troops in Iraq.

Putin's phone call came as Bush flew from Washington to Minnesota for a speech and fund raiser.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan provided few details of the call, beyond reporting that the two leaders "talked about the importance of a new United Nations Security Council (search) resolution."

The Kremlin said the talk focused "in particular on the situation around Iraq and the status of (the) Middle East."

Bush also talked briefly during the flight to King Abdullah II (search) of Jordan about their upcoming May 6 meeting. McClellan declined to say who had initiated the call.

Last week the king called off a meeting with Bush because of concerns over the president's shifting position on Israeli-Palestinian issues. On April 14, Bush broke with long-standing U.S. policy and endorsed Israel's plan to hold on to part of the West Bank (search) in any final peace settlement with the Palestinians. Bush also ruled out Palestinian refugees returning to Israel, bringing strong criticism from Arabs.

Asked whether that dispute came up, McClellan said, "That wasn't the purpose of the call."

"They're going to have their meetings next week to discuss those issues. This was just a call to say, 'Look forward to getting together next week.' He's a good friend of the president's," McClellan said.