Guests and Topics for April 23

Here’s what is on tap for Friday:

‘FOX & Friends First’ (6 a.m. ET)

The fragile truce in Fallujah (search) is coming under increasing strain. Are U.S. troops heading for a shoot out, or can a last minute deal with insurgents be worked out? Retired U.S. Army Col. Tim Ringgold weighs in.

A grand jury indicts the “King of Pop.” Will a Jacko indictment lead to a Jackson conviction? We’ll ask Tim Susanin, former federal prosecutor.

Did Saddam have secret deals between certain members of the United Nations? That's what the independent panel probing the Oil-for-Food program wants to know. What will the investigation uncover? James Phillips, research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, joins the debate.

‘FOX & Friends’ (7 a.m. ET)

Plans for an Iraqi governing body after the June 30 handover date are still in the works. Is there any proposal out there right now that could work? We’ll ask Marc Ginsberg, Fox News foreign affairs analyst and former ambassador to Morocco.

We know Michael Jackson is under indictment, but there are questions about who else may have to appear in court. Attorney Joseph Tacopina represents two of Jackson's former employees who are facing serious allegations.

A new ruling regarding overtime pay is set to take effect in the next 120 days. Its mission: to provide overtime protection for workers. Who'll see extra dough in their paycheck? Labor Secretary Elaine Chao weighs in.

Plus, Mother's Day is coming up and, as Robin Leach, what better way to show your love by nominating her for "America's Best Mom."

The top Marine commander in Iraq tells folks in Fallujah they've got "days, not weeks" to turn over heavy weapons. How can we get rebels to cough up their weapons? We’ll ask Dan Senor, senior adviser to presidential envoy Paul Bremer.

Michael Jackson has been indicted by a California grand jury for child molestation. But whether he’s found guilty or innocent, is Jackson’s career over? We’ll ask Ernie Rizzo, private investigator for the boy who charged Jackson in 1993.

David Robinson won a number of awards for basketball. Now that he's retired the NBA All Star is getting honored for his assists off the court.

For the last 35 years, ancient biblical sites in Iraq, have been closed to Westerners. In this Sunday's Parade magazine, contributing editor Bruce Feiler tells us about visiting these special places.

Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan sets the stage for a rise in interest rates. What will that mean for you the consumer? Tobin Smith, founder and CEO of ChangeWave Research, joins the debate.

Plus, we’ll get a preview of this week’s edition of “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace.

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