Topics and Guests: April 20

Tonight... get on the record... with Greta!

Arizona Republican Senator John McCain joins us this evening for what promises to be another compelling interview.

Plus, we'll talk with the host of "War Stories" here on FNC, former Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North who will bring us a LIVE report on the latest developments in Iraq.

Then, a frightening threat from Hamas (search) as a top leader in the militant Palestinian organization urges Arabs and Muslims to join forces to defend themselves against the United States and Israel and support the Palestinians in their worsening conflict with the Jewish state. How much danger could you be in from this threat? Are Hamas terrorists already living amongst us in the United States? We'll have the inside story.

Also, the producer of the famous "Girls Gone Wild" videos has filed a $25 million lawsuit against a young college woman. Why is Joe Francis suing? We'll find out when the video producer goes on the record this evening.

These stories and much, much more...

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--All topics and guests subject to change.

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