Kerry Narrowing Down VP Choices

John Kerry's (search) vice presidential search committee has vetted four to six vice presidential candidates, with two possible running mates getting the royal treatment on Tuesday.

Sen. John Edwards (search) of North Carolina and Sen. Bob Graham (search) of Florida, both of whom sought the party's nomination, traveled on Kerry's campaign plane and joined the presumptive Democratic nominee in Miami for two fund-raisers Tuesday night.

"We're auditioning, want to put your name in?" joked Kerry spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter.

The campaign has not contacted the FBI to get access to the possible candidates' files yet, indicating that the search process is still in the preliminary stages. The campaign is also not limited to the four to six candidates, but at least that many have cleared the first hurdle.

Kerry has declined to talk about the selection process, and he didn't answer a reporter's question Tuesday when asked about his conversations.

A Democratic source, speaking on condition of anonymity, discounted the appearance of Edwards and Graham with Kerry. The vice presidential selection is "likely to be later rather than sooner," the source said.

However, Edwards was something of a rock star during his appearance in Miami. He whipped up the crowd using his considerable charm, reminding the audience why he made it so far in the campaign.

"His campaign is going to reject [President] Bush’s politics of cynicism and negativism and ... make the American people believe again between now and November … that everything is possible," Edwards said of Kerry.

Kerry was received very well, though Edwards provided most of the magnetism for the crowd. Thanking Edwards for his introduction, Kerry indicated that the North Carolina senator has a notable place in the political realm.

"I think everyone will agree with me that John Edwards is a great leader for the future of our country," he said.

Fox News' Carl Cameron and Catherine Loper and The Associated Press contributed to this report.