Guests and Topics: April 20

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Tonight on "Hannity & Colmes" ...

• Fierce fighting continues in Iraq — But with casualties mounting and more Americans being kidnapped — What is the U.S. plan to stay the course? Answers from Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

• Insurgents fire 12 mortars into Baghdad's Abu Ghraib (search) prison, killing 22 detainees and injuring 92.

To the west in Fallujah (search), meanwhile, Iraqi security forces and civilians who fled days of street fighting with Marines begin to return in a critical test of an agreement between U. S. officials and local leaders to fend off an all-out assault by American forces.

Are U.S. Marines gearing up for more bloody combat? Or, have we seen the worst of it? For answers and the latest news we'll get a LIVE report from FNC's own Oliver North in Iraq.

• If violence persists in the liberated country will and should the June 30 handover be pushed back?

We'll get analysis and assessment from Jamie Rubin, former assistant secretary of State.

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