Topics and Guests for April 19

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Topics and Guests:

• President Bush (search) heads to Pennsylvania to defend key parts of the Patriot Act (search) and we'll bring it to you LIVE.

After we'll get fair and balanced analysis and assessment of the speech from Douglas Burns, former Justice Department official and former federal prosecutor.

• Fallujah's civic leaders call for enemy fighters to surrender their heavy weapons in return for an end to the U.S. siege of the city. Does peace have a chance in the violence stricken city?

Correspondent David Piper will be live from Baghdad with more.

• British police nab 10 suspects on suspicion of terrorism after conducting police raids in the northern British city of Manchester.

FNC's Catherine Herridge will be live at the White House with the latest.

All of this... and more on Studio B With Shepard Smith at 3 p.m. ET.

Note: Topics subject to change