Protecting the Patriot

The Patriot Act (search) will lose some of its teeth soon, if Congress doesn't act to extend it.

A combination of conservatives and liberals are lining up to oppose the extension of some of the heavier-handed aspects of the Patriot Act, the opposition citing our constitutional protections of personal privacy.

I think the Patriot Act should be extended and here's why:

First, it works. Everybody admits that. If you violate constitutional rights to apprehend a potential criminal or terrorist, sure you get them. Bad idea, but bad times trump. We need to be able to do these things to certain people so we can apprehend terrorists.

We need to have the law sunset so it expires, but now is not the time to let it expire.

Right now all over Europe, the countries which were yelling at us about the Patriot Act and the war are using the same techniques in the Patriot Act to round up the Al Qaeda members involved in the Spain bombing and other attacks.

These techniques work and if the people who criticized us for adopting the Patriot Act are willing to do the same thing, what does that tell you? It says even our former friends recognize this is something we just have to do for now. Maybe someday it will all go away and the terror nightmare will be over.

But not now.

Otherwise the terrorists fly under the radar and move amongst us with impunity. Let's at least make it hard for them.

That's My Word.

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