Topics and Guests: April 16

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An American soldier has been kidnapped by terrorists in Iraq. The soldier is from Batavia, Ohio (search) and a videotape appearing to be an American soldier in his fatigues, intentifying himself as Pvt. 1st Class Keith Maupin (search) has been seen speaking on Al Jazeera television. We'll have the latest on this developing story.

Plus, Greta talks with Kellie Hamill, the wife Tom Hamill (search), an American civilian being held hostage in Iraq who has also been seen recently on videotape.

Then, "you’re hired!" Those are the words Donald Trump spoke when he picked Bill Rancic (search) over Kwame Jackson (search) last night on the final episode of the hit reality show  series, "The Apprentice" (search). Now, Kwame goes on the record to give his “two cents” to Greta about the show, "the Donald" and his plans for the future.  

Also, he's amazing and outrageous... We'll talk with rocker turned author turned television star Ted Nugent (search) about his new series, "Surviving Nugent: The Ted Commandments" which premiers on VH1 (search) on May 1.

These stories and much, much more...

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