New Man Needed?

John Kerry is saying that he doesn't think America's one-time allies – France, Germany and the rest -- will decide to help us out in Iraq until we change presidents.

If he means until we change to President Kerry, he should read more of the European press. Although they say they would prefer a President Kerry to a President Bush, the Euros are already teeing Kerry up for a bashing as a typical American.

And besides, is that really a way to appeal to Americans: Tell them that the French and Germans don't like the president, so we should hop to it and change the guy at the White House?

This is really silly.

Of course our former friends are angry with us. We thought we should do certain things to secure the safety of Americans and our former friends opposed what we wanted to do and were angry we did it anyway. These are the people who said Sept. 11 was our fault and Bush is worse than Saddam and actually hoped the Iraqis would win the war.

Doesn't it sound like a certain level of irrationality has overtaken the thinking of our former friends? Doesn't it sound as though our friends’ thinking has been so tainted by anti-Americanism that maybe we should be careful about taking their advice?

At this point, it just might be that the advice of Western Europe would be dangerous for the U.S. to follow.

Our former friends appear to be in a fevered state -- sick in bed with the sweats. Let's wait till they recover before we pay much attention to what they have to say.

That's My Word.

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