President Bush Gets the Job Done

How many Bush supporters out there support the president because he's such a crackerjack public speaker?

It I were taking a show of hands, I probably wouldn't see any.

Let's face it. Bush is probably not going to be a talk show host after his stint as president.

That's not what he does best. What he does best is do the right thing.

The people I know who support Bush do so because he takes the right action — he sets the country on the right course — not because he is such a brilliant verbal gymnast with the press corps.

I was disappointed in Bush Tuesday night too. None of those pressies should have been able to lay a glove on him, but they did.

Why? Because he knows they are looking for the "gotcha" moment, and you can see the wheels turning behind his eyes as he tries to figure out how to deny and defeat those "gotcha" moment.

He figures, "Well, they already say I'm inarticulate and can't explain myself, that I need Tony Blair (search) at my side whenever I go in public... and that stuff hasn't hurt me so far, so I'll just give them more of that."

The last president we had talked good, but didn't get the job done. This president doesn't talk so good, but he did what needed to be done.

That's good enough for me.

That's My Word.

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