Omarosa: Will She Be Kwame's Downfall?

Will the villainous Omarosa trump Kwame?

That's the big question for "Apprentice" (search) fans as NBC airs the much-anticipated final episode tonight, as buttoned-down banker Kwame Jackson (search) goes head-to-head with online entrepreneur Bill Rancic (search) for a $250,000-a-year job with Donald Trump.

Kwame picked the hated Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth to join his team and help him win - but viewers saw her caught in a wicked lie at the end of the previous episode, and many are betting she might be his undoing.

Trump will crown the winner live in tonight's two-hour finale, which kicks off at 9 p.m. on Channel 4 - and everyone swears that no one but The Donald (search) knows who will win.

A source close to Kwame told The Post he once said he does well on tonight's show - but that "a sister" messes it up for him in the end.

Given the hornets' nest of trouble Omarosa has stirred up, some speculate he thinks she may have sunk his chances.

Bill and Kwame are the last two "Apprentice" wannabes left standing after 13 weeks of backstabbing and bickering on the reality show.

Omarosa, the show's resident lightning rod, annoyed her teammates and seemed to slack off - then, after she was "fired" by Trump, accused fellow "Apprentice" Ereka Vetrini (search) of dropping the "N-word" during an off-camera conversation.

The charge was vehemently denied by Ereka and "Apprentice" creator Mark Burnett (search), but that didn't stop Omarosa from going on "Oprah" last week and repeating the accusation.

That, of course, was the day after she lied to Kwame on "The Apprentice" about an important phone call that could affect his fate.

"I just happened to be cast as the villain and, boy, they are not disappointing with that characteristic," Omarosa told entertainment program "Extra" last night.

A tepid romance between Amy Henry and Nick Warnock - both "fired" last week - never quite lived up to advance billing.

The show has averaged roughly 20 million viewers a week.

As it headed into the home stretch, "Extra" revealed that Rancic was no stranger to reality shows.

The program said the 32-year-old Chicago native had once auditioned for "The Bachelor" but was turned down for the ABC network gig.