The Foxlight: Quentin; William Hung; Rebecca and John

Quirky Quentin. "Hung" up on William, Rebecca and John not wasting any time in today's Foxlight.

Quentin Tarantino (searchsays he did not pull the wings off flies when he was kid. He did find a cockroach once and he scotch-taped it to a kitchen counter. Explains a lot. Otherwise, he claims he had a pretty normal childhood. His mantra in life is "never ask for permission, just ask for forgiveness."

A whopping 37,000 people think William Hung (searchis worth owning. Koch Records reports 37,676 people bought Hung's "Inspiration" album its first week of release. That puts him at No. 34 on the album chart. And if you think people are crazy for buying the album, consider the women proposing to Hung. His official Web site has a section entitled "Marry Me, Will!" The site actively invites female fans to send in stories of why they love Hung and what they have to offer "this truly 'International Man of Mystery."' No smut -- the site asks fans to "keep it classy, just like Will himself." It also informs fans they can send photos but they have to be clothed.

From The New York Post's "Page Six": What does a gorgeous Hollywood couple do when they split up? If it's John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos (search), you party like it's 1999. Spies say Stamos has flown with several buddies to whoop it up at Disney World in Orlando while Romijn-Stamos is spending quality time with "very good friend" John Cusack.

"Let's put it this way," said a pal of the couple, "Neither one seems all that unhappy about the breakup."

A rep for Romijn-Stamos said she wasn't dating anyone, even though she mentioned having a "special someone" on Conan O'Brien's show. Cusack's rep declined comment.