Marines Informing Soldier of Photo Probe

The Marines have completed an investigation into a photo circulating on the Internet that depicts a reservist with two Iraqi boys and a sign saying the serviceman killed one boy's father and impregnated the child's sister.

A Marine Reserves spokesman said Wednesday that the results of the investigation will not be made public until they have informed Lance Cpl. Ted J. Boudreaux Jr. (search) of how they intend to proceed.

Boudreaux is not on active duty and the Marines were trying to contact him Wednesday. Spokesman Capt. Jeffrey Pool said he could not discuss what, if any, punishment Boudreaux could face.

Boudreaux is with a New Orleans-based unit that was deployed in Iraq from May to September. No phone number for Boudreaux could be obtained.

The photograph in the complaint shows two Iraqi boys and a grinning soldier, all gesturing with a thumbs-up sign. The soldier and one of the boys hold a cardboard sign in English that says: "Lcpl Boudreaux killed my dad th(en) he knocked up my sister!"

The sign's English message was apparently not understood by the children.

Pool said at least two other versions of the photo were on the Internet, each with a different sign.

One says: "My country got invaded and all I got was this lousy sign."

Another says: "Lcpl Boudreaux saved my Dad, th(en) he rescued my sister."

It was not known if the photos were altered in any way.

Muslim civil rights leaders have complained and urged the Marines to punish the reservist.