The Foxlight: Ben, Britney, Jessica, Janet

Ben no habla espanol, Britney's "OnTourage" and Jessica and Janet pull big ratings in today's Foxlight.

Apparently Ben Affleck (searchdidn't speak fluent J-Lo. At a charity auction in Boston, the one-time successful movie star was goofing off with Red Sox player Pedro Martinez by saying something simple to him in Spanish. Apparently it was pretty much the only thing he knows in the language, because when Martinez offered a long response in Spanish, Affleck shot back: "That's all the Spanish I know. I wasn't with her that long." Really, Ben? It seemed like an eternity in Hollywood years.

Why do all the stars suddenly want cameras in their lives when for years they've tried to duck them? Add Britney Spears (search) to the list of knuckleheads hawking a reality show. The Hollywood Reporter says Spears' people are shopping a deal with backstage footage of Britney and her dancers on tour. It's being called "OnTourage," and would be six episodes. One stumbling block? Even though she can look kinda cheap, she doesn't come cheap. She wants $1 million an episode to produce the show.

Speaking of reality TV blondes, Jessica Simpson (searchhelped ABC pull in over 11 million viewers for her new "Nick and Jessica Variety Hour." Oh yeah, her husband is in it too. Is he the luckiest man on the planet? Not if he wants a conversation. Otherwise, absolutely.

And while we're on ratings, Janet Jackson (searchhelped "Saturday Night Live" pull in it's biggest numbers since Al Gore in 2002. But Gore may ask for a recount.