Topics and Guests for April 9

This Good Friday was, sadly, like any day in Iraq: More violence and more deaths.

Neil goes one-on-one with Secretary of State Colin Powell to find out whether the Iraqi people are turning against us.

On the most holy of days for Christians around the world, in the midst of war and death in the Middle East, there are still signs that much is right with the world. We’ll get incredible insight from Father John Catoir, former president of the Catholic Press Association and former director of The Christophers, and Monsignor Tom Hartman, co-host of “The God Squad."

This Sunday also marks Tax Freedom Day – the earliest since 1967. What is it and why is it getting so much attention this time around? We’ll ask Scott Hodge, president of The Tax Foundation.

We’ll examine the connection between terrorism and your money with Greg Werlinich, president of Werlinich Asset Management; Charles Payne, CEO of Wall Street Strategies, and Tom Adkins of Remax Services.

Plus, he's pro-choice and pro-civil unions, but Sen. John Kerry is putting his faith in Catholic voters. Will his pro-stance leave him standing alone on election day? How will Kerry juggle his faith if he wins the White House? We’ll ask Douglas Brinkley, presidential historian and author of “Tour of Duty.”

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