Feds Warn of Al Qaeda Activity in U.S.

The federal government over the weekend issued a bulletin to state homeland security advisers and the Joint Terrorism Task Forces (search) warning of non-specific, uncorroborated threat information that Al Qaeda wants to attack U.S. targets, Fox News has confirmed.

Officials stressed that the threat information, received in the last week, did not indicate a time, place or method of attack.

Under the analysis portion of the bulletin, an official told Fox News, the March 11 train-bomb attacks in Madrid (search), as well as a foiled terrorist plot in the United Kingdom are cited as being "indicative" of the planned attacks in Europe.

The bulletin also notes Al Qaeda's influence on regional extremist networks, although the terrorist network's "corporate structure" has been disrupted since the War on Terror began.

Many terrorism experts, U.S. military leaders and Bush administration officials have continuously said Al Qaeda's structure has been broken up. Rather than being one big organization, it now consists of many smaller -- often disjointed -- groups.

It also notes that Al Qaeda (search) typically does not plan operations around specific dates or holidays in the United States. However, this Judeo Christian holiday Easter week may present opportunity for possible attacks, the bulletin said.

Fox News' Catherine Herridge and Anna Stolley contributed to this report.