Wednesday, April 7: Fallujah Fighting

On today's edition of "DaySide" with Linda Vester:

Fallujah Fighting: Heavy fighting continues in Iraq as coalition forces press Operation Vigilant Resolve forward. Can we pacify the Sunni Triangle? We’ll ask Stephen Schwartz, author of “Two Faces of Islam.”

Message of Terror: While coalition forces are deep in heavy fighting in Iraq, a brand new audiotape surfaces believed to be made by Usama bin Laden's chief in Iraq. Will this terror tape prevent us from getting the country moving again? International terrorism consultant Evan Kohlmann, author of the upcoming book “Al Qaeda’s Jihad in Europe,” weighs in.

Aide Killed: Coalition forces have killed an aide to a radical Iraqi cleric wanted for inciting violence against the coalition. But where is the cleric himself? And should we stop worrying about seizing him in a mosque?

Rice on Record: It’s crunch time for Condoleezza Rice, as the national security adviser prepares to go before the 9/11 Commission. We’ll get a live preview of what she could say.

‘Swan’ Takes Flight: Who hasn't wished at one time or another to just start over with a brand new face, or body? A brand new show is giving 18 women a chance to do just that. We’ll meet Nely Galan, creator of “The Swan,” and Amanda Byram, the show’s host.

Plus, one of America's best-selling authors has just written a new book that is bound to shock a lot of people! Find out why when we sit down with Father Andrew Greeley, author of “The Priestly Sins.”

And, we’ll be joined by award-winning singer, Broadway actress and movie star, Vanessa Williams.

Those stories and more on today’s edition of “DaySide with Linda Vester"

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