Watchdog: Legislators Squeal for More Pork

The annual release of the "Pig Book," complete with barnyard animals and a mascot, has become a Washington tradition. At the Citizens Against Government Waste's (search) press conference, the budget watchdog group identifies what it sees as congressional pork.

It seems Congress has been very busy.

"There are 10,666 projects, and that's 13 percent more than last year's 9,362. There's $22.9 billion in spending, which is up 1.6 percent from last year," said Tom  Schatz, the group's president.

Here are just a few examples of how your money is being spent:

— Sen. Chuck Grassley (search), R-Iowa, secured $50 million for an indoor rainforest in Coraville, Iowa.

— Rep. Loretta Sanchez (search), D-Calif., succeeded in getting $500,000 for the city of Anaheim to purchase buses so tourists can ride to Disneyland.

Many lawmakers defend their actions, saying that pork is really just a matter of perspective. Voters always complain about pork barrel spending, except when the projects happen to land in their back yards.

Click here for a report by Fox News' Brian Wilson.