The Foxlight: 'Queer Eye,' Sharon Stone, 'C.S.I.'

"Queer Eye for the Straight Girl," Sharon Stone's comeback and the "C.S.I." leading men in today's Foxlight.

Are we ready for a spin-off of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?" (search) It's not gonna be a sitcom. We already have that -- it's called "Will & Grace." No, this is going to be a female version. Variety doesn't say whether it's men or women doing the make over. My vote? A gaggle of gay gals make over a ho-hum heterosexual woman. Sort of like Showtime's "The L-Word" with real people. Didn't "Saturday Night Live do a hysterical sketch on this premise?" Yep, but you can bet this version won't have butchy babes.

Liz Smith reports that Sharon Stone (search) sizzles in the new version of "Catwoman," opposite Halle Berry. Of course, no one has actually seen the movie yet -- it's still in production. So Liz is just giving a nice mention to a career that's kind of been on the skids. Didn't she get a big settlement not to make "Basic Instinct 2?" Maybe she's been busy spending that. No one is more ready for a rebound Stone-style than the Foxlight.

Finally, is actor Gary Sinise (search) sending a thank-you note to another actor for his recent signing in the new "C.S.I.: New York" (search)? Here's the back story: Sinise tried out for a 1985 movie called "To Live and Die in L.A" -- a Foxlight favorite. When Sinise didn't get the role, he suggested another Chicago actor who got the part. His name? William Petersen (search). Star of the original "C.S.I." When the Foxlight reminded Sinise of all this the other day, he admitted he'd have to tweak Petersen about it.