Ted's Tirade: Terrible or True?

Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass took the opportunity on Monday to attack the administration on the war in Iraq (search), a war he has said was predicated on a fraud devised to help Republicans in the 2002 and 2004 elections and divert attention from "the administration's deceptions here at home."

In the Brookings speech, Kennedy compared Bush to former President Richard Nixon and Iraq to Vietnam (search).

"This president has now created the largest credibility gap since Richard Nixon. He has broken the basic bond of trust with the American people. He's the problem, not the solution. Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, and this country needs a new president," he said.

The Bush campaign dismissed Kennedy as a "hatchet man" for Sen. John Kerry.

Ted's tirade: terrible or true?

A sample of your responses:

I think Ted Kennedy should worry more about how HE and the Democrat party will regain respect after this election than how the U.S. will enhance its.   Being victorious will bring us all the respect we need.   However, we are at war and the diatribes from Ted Kennedy et al seem to come perilously close to sedition to me. 
I say shame on Kennedy and his pals who can't have a discussion of the issues without resorting to insult, innuendo, and personal invective.
P. Solt
Oak Harbor, WA

Ted Kennedy is wrong, people in Massachusetts should be ashamed of him. I am...
Marion D.
Dracut, MA

For John Kerry, with friends like Ted Kennedy, who needs enemies? I think Kennedy needs to be taken out of office, exit stage left. Look at Clinton's record of not doing a thing to quell terror and Kennedy stands behind that?
Larry Y.
Reese, MI

If Iraq is George Bush's Vietnam, what is Chappaquiddick to Ted?
Charles B.
Bluefield, WV

Vietnam was such an emotional and divisive time in our history which can only be laid at the feet of the Democrats. Ever since they have desperately searched for something or someone to devert the shame to. Iraq is not it! If we are not secure, nothing else matters. Sadly, Ted Kennedy just doesn't get it.
Carol P.
Houston, TX

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