Stoning Mom Committed to Mental Hospital

A mother acquitted by reason of insanity for beating two of her sons to death with rocks was committed to a maximum-security state mental hospital Tuesday.

Deanna Laney (search), 39, was ordered transferred from jail to the North Texas State Hospital (searchin Vernon. She will be examined, after which a judge may order her to stay there, prescribe outpatient treatment or release her.

Under state law, Laney could be committed for the rest of her life.

Laney bashed her sons' skulls with heavy rocks, killing two of them, ages 6 and 8, and severely injuring the third boy, now 2. She claimed God ordered her to kill the children.

She was found innocent Saturday by reason of insanity of murder and other charges.

During Tuesday's hearing, Laney's husband, Keith, declined to give a victim's impact statement.

Keith Laney slept through the attacks. In a police recording of his discovery of the deaths, Laney is heard saying, "Dee! What's wrong? Oh no! No! No!", The Dallas Morning News reported in its Wednesday editions. "Oh no! Why? Why, why, why?

"Oh God, this is a bad dream!" he sobbed in the tape that wasn't heard during the trial but was made available by prosecutors. "How? How? How?"

The newspaper said Laney told a deputy who restrained him that he had no idea what had gone wrong.

"That's all I have in this whole world!" he said. "Oh my God! Oh God, oh God. This cannot be happening!"