Bush Urges End to Sudan Atrocities

President Bush said Wednesday the Sudanese government must stop militias in the Darfur region of western Sudan (search) from committing atrocities against the local population.

In a statement, Bush also called on the Khartoum government (search) to provide unrestricted access to humanitarian aid agencies.

"The government of Sudan must not remain complicit in the brutalization of Darfur," Bush said.

He condemned the atrocities, noting that hundreds of thousands of civilians in the region have been forced from their homes.

"I have expressed my views directly to President Bashir (search) of Sudan," he said.

Bush also stressed the need for a settlement in the longrunning negotiations to end the 20-year conflict between the government and southern-based Sudanese rebels.

He said the United States will move toward normal relations with the government of Sudan only when there is a just and comprehensive peace agreement with the SPLM insurgents.