Audrey's Attorney Says She's Getting Treatment

A college student who police say faked her own abduction is receiving medical care after going from "one major crisis to another major crisis," her attorney said.

"Audrey has been under the best medical care that her parents can provide for her," Randy Hopper said Tuesday after meeting police to discuss the incident involving University of Wisconsin (search) sophomore Audrey Seiler (search), 20.

Hopper did not release any details of Seiler's condition or say what type of treatment she is receiving.

Police, family and friends spent several days looking for Seiler after she walked out of her off-campus apartment March 27 and disappeared. She was found in a marsh four days later and told police she had been held captive by a man with a knife.

Police concluded the story was fake after obtaining a videotape showing Seiler buying the knife, duct tape, rope and cold medicine that she claimed her abductor used to restrain her.

Dane County District Attorney Brian Blanchard has not said if he will file any charges against Seiler, of Rockford, Minn. He said he could be finished reviewing police reports by the end of the week.

Seiler also reported an unexplained attack in February, telling police someone struck her from behind and knocked her unconscious. Authorities have not commented on that report, and police spokesman Larry Kamholz would not say anything Wednesday about the case.

Hopper said police are speaking to Seiler only through him, and said her family is focused on her health. "Audrey has gone from one major crisis to another major crisis," he said.

The attorney declined to say whether the Seiler family has discussed paying for any part of the police costs of the case. Those costs are expected to reach $100,000, according to Melanie Conklin, a spokeswoman for Mayor Dave Cieslewicz.