Kerry Vows to End Tax Breaks for Jobs Exporters

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry (search), campaigning on Tuesday in a state hurt by the loss of 170,000 manufacturing jobs since President Bush took office, said that if elected president he would end tax breaks (searchfor companies that move jobs overseas.

The Massachusetts senator said the change would be part of his plan to create 10 million new jobs in this country. Kerry said 1.8 million jobs have been lost since President Bush took office.

"He's created a lot of small businesses in America. The only problem is, they used to be big businesses," Kerry told a sun-splashed crowd during a rally in a city park along the Ohio River.

On Monday, Vice President Dick Cheney (search) said during a Cincinnati visit that 400,000 jobs have been created in recent months and that the Bush administration believes the economy is moving in the right direction.

Most in the crowd at the open-air rally in Sawyer Point Park waved Kerry campaign signs and chanted his name, but the senator twice acknowledged the presence of some Republicans near the stage where he spoke. Some GOP activists waved flip-flop sandals to illustrate their contention that Kerry flip-flops on campaign issues.

"Obviously, some young Republicans are proving that they're very rude and they have no manners," Kerry said as he walked about the stage with a hand-held microphone.

Democratic activists in the audience tried to drown out the Republicans by chanting "Kerry, Kerry, Kerry."