Hooray for Hollywood

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This blog falls under the category of "never dull."

The show is "on the road" in Los Angeles for a few days and no road show is ever free of surprises. For instance, Monday night during the show I was told right before a segment was to begin -- and I am not kidding -- that the guest for that upcoming segment called on his cell phone saying he could not find the studio. More significantly, he reported that he was actually IN the building, but could not find the studio. With no time to direct him -- we were seconds before the segment was to begin -- we had to do him as a "phoner" and not an on camera" guest. I suppose it turned out well, but nonetheless it was a surprise for us.

Click here for my behind the scenes photo essay from Los Angeles

I have been in the L.A. bureau several times, but never seen a studio where our L.A. reporters do their live shots (I do our show from a basement studio.) I tracked down my colleague Adam Housely as he finished a live shot and took a picture of him in his studio. The studio is very tiny. Picture No. 1 is Adam in his studio. Adam was once a pitcher in baseball's minor leagues and his family owns a vineyard in northern California.

I took a quick tour of the L.A. bureau and discovered a small control room and a tape library. Photo No. 2 is the control room and photo No. 3 is the tape library. Every bureau needs both a control room and a tape library.

The make up room in the L.A. bureau is in the basement and is a small room -- even smaller than the makeup room in the Chicago bureau! Picture No. 4 shows the L.A. make up room. Picture No. 5 is the sight I see when I sit at the anchor desk in the L.A. bureau as I set up for our show. You will note in the monitor (TV) that there is an old shot of Sen. John Kerry. That is actually tape running in "Hannity & Colmes."


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