Canada: With Friends Like These...

The Canadian version of the Grammy Awards (search) were handed out earlier this week. The Junos were hosted by Canadian pop star Alanis Morissette (search).

She made news by dropping her dress and revealing a body suit designed to make her look nude, sort of. Attached to the fake nude body suit were fake nipples and fake pubic hair.

This, of course, was all meant to mock the Americans getting all excited and bent out of shape about Janet Jackson's (search) bare breast. The Canadian audience went wild.

Morissette then said, "It's great to be back up North where we have an appreciation of the beauty of a woman's body," and then something more about the Americans being engulfed in a climate of fear.

And again, the audience went wild.

Now we've seen this before. Dan Ackroyd (search) does it, Morissette does it — Canadians who aren't happy selling to their own very small market spouting off about how they hate America and then coming down here to sell.

All of that is extremely juvenile, like the kid who screams at his parents. But could all the Canadians who come here to sell their records and their movies and their TV shows — could they just do it up front?

Say all the nasty things about Americans before they try to sell their stuff to them and see if it sells all that well. Go ahead, Alanis... try it down here if you've got the guts.

Oh, but that's right — you've already taken millions from Americans so you'd probably feel quite free to criticize.

That's My Word.

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