Teresa Kerry Designs Campaign Scarf

Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) is a millionaire philanthropist and a popular public speaker for her husband's presidential campaign. Now she can add scarf designer to her resume.

Heinz Kerry has been draping a new red, white and blue silk scarf around her neck that she helped design for her husband's campaign. The scarf is covered with little flags and her husband's initials and says "John Kerry for President 2004" in script at the bottom.

Heinz Kerry worked on the design with professionals at Vineyard Vines in Greenwich, Conn. Vineyard Vines (search) spokeswoman Demi Wasilko said Kerry usually wears the company's $65 neckties, favoring bright pastels.

The Vineyard Vines owners worked with the campaign staff to design a John Kerry for President tie, Wasilko said.

The campaign tie and scarf — both 100 percent silk — are not available for sale. Just 100 of the scarves and around 400 of the ties were made for the campaign to give to donors.