Saudi Cops Kill Wanted Militant in Riyadh Shootout

Saudi Arabian police killed a wanted militant and wounded another before arresting him after a shootout Monday in a Riyadh (search) suburb, security officials said.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity, said police patrolling the affluent suburb of Roda, east of Riyadh, fired at a car whose occupants refused an order to stop.

The officials told The Associated Press that police shot two "wanted militants" in the car, which had false registration plates, killing one and wounding a second.

"When the police tried to stop the car, they opened fire and ran away," the Interior Ministry said in a statement carried by the official Saudi Press Agency.

The wounded suspect escaped into a large home in the area and was surrounded by security forces, who stormed the house after seven hours and arrested the man before taking him to a local hospital, officials said.

It was not immediately clear how serious his wounds were.

Officials said the earlier gun battle injured three other people, but it was not immediately clear if they were police or bystanders. The Interior Ministry statement did not mention these casualties.

It was not immediately clear what the militants were wanted for, but Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Al Qaeda (search) leader Usama bin Laden (search), has been on high alert since terrorists carried out several attacks aimed at destabilizing the U.S.-allied Gulf state and home to Islam's two holiest shrines.

Saudi authorities released a list of 26 most wanted terrorists after a series of bombings in Riyadh on May 12, 2003, that killed 26 people. On Nov. 8, another homicide attack on a Riyadh housing compound killed 17 people.

Three of Saudi's most wanted list are dead and hundreds of suspected extremists have been rounded up in raids to seize weapons and Islamic militants.